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President & Founder, BoneKare USA



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A message from Jay Golding, President & Founder, BoneKare USA.

"I started with horses with pony rides at the zoo. The faster they trotted, the bouncier it was, the more I liked it. At age 6 or 7, I started riding at the Kenilworth Riding Club in Harrison, New York. Konrad Fisher, a strict German horseman, was the owner and head instructor. I rode there until I was sixteen or seventeen years old. Edith Master, who later became an Olympic dressage rider, was also my instructor at Kenilworth. 

It was there that I learned how to make hay, stack it and put it in the barn.

I also learned how to clean stalls, horses and tack. Mr. Fisher, as he was known, always said, "Don’t ask someone to do something pertaining to a horse if you cannot do it better." 

I then rode with a Dutch Dressage rider Harry Gilhuys - that was an eye opener! Never having been exposed to Dressage before, I learned the classical way to put a horse into a frame.

After Harry, I spent six months riding with Dave Kelley in Armonk, New York. I rode jumpers with Sonny Brooks for several years. He was a top jumper rider in his day and member of the Jumper Hall Of Fame. At that point, I started riding with George Morris at Old Salem farm (The Hill) and then in Millbrook New York. I spent about three years with George.

I moved to Virginia to ride with Rodney Jenkins. I began helping him with sales while I started my own business with hunters and jumpers.

I operated a breeding farm and currently own and run a large hunter and jumper barn, located in Virginia, USA.

I have imported horses from Europe since the 1990’s, criss crossing Germany, Holland and Belgium countless times to find the next winning horse.

On one of my annual six trips abroad while having dinner with a long time friend who had helped me find horses for many years, I came to know Bonekare. He had just learned about Bonekare and was going to start manufacturing and selling it world wide. The product sounded fascinating and I asked to be part of it in The U. S. The product is now FDA approved , patented and really helping hundreds of horses.